Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pranks ... and such

OK so .. first .. hello !!!! I have missed you blog world ..

right then .. I have the joyous awesomeness of working with Medussa (office mate) .. she has become increasingly jerkish and ever more deserving of pranks .. her down right soul-less attitude towards the world makes me want to eat spinach and wind a punch up and send her to the MOON .. to the moon Alice ..
but I have not had the time ..
I have used spiders because as of late they are an abundance here ..
but once they are used 2x and I do not receive the same thrill...
So I also switched up her key buttons on her keyboard ..

So I beg of you ... help me pppuuuhhhlllease .... pretty please
I need something fresh , something new ..
and sadly soemthing harmless that will not give me 5-7 years in a 10x10 next to Martha..

Well back to the lovely world of "no free time" aka work ..