Tuesday, May 5, 2009

sheeeesh Mom what were you thinking !!

Soooo hey .. it has been a little while since I have graced blog world .. forgive me ..
between being uber busy at work, and running round like a Turkey being chased on Thanksgiving Eve
with baseball for the 2 munchkin butts .. whoooo Im saying "Calgon Take me away !!"

Let me tell you a story about my little LuLu .. this child comes off with some funny asz shyt
I dared to enter her room which i had just cleaned last week .. and when i did i promise you I could not see an inch of the floor .. as it was covered in clothes and blankets and stuffed animals - I was just about to call her up to interrogate her as to why every square inch of her room was covered like Times Square on New Years eve night , when I looked under her bed .. what do I find under there ????????
NOTHING not a gosh darn freakin thing .. not even a dust bunny !!!!
I call the Queen up .. and ask her how in the world one person could make such a mess in so little time covering her entire room .. she says Mother .. my WHOLE room is NOT a mess .. under my bed is clean ...
How does one NOT burst out laughing at that .. I told her she had to clean her room of course .. well guess where the punk slept last night ? .. nope not in my bed .. she went off to the toy room and slept on the spare bed ..
I am baffled .. I thought i made it clear to her i turned in my maids outfit and retired .. HA

And for the record .. I miss my boyfriend .. the sooner he gets home from Iraq , the happier I will be
I heart him n miss him