Thursday, April 2, 2009


my eyeballs !!! Let me just say I have begun my search for a new bikini ..
hmm problem is .. I don't have melons to hold like the lady above .. .. which brings up another thought.. wonder if the hand comes with a choice of breasts ??? that's hot said fred !!
i can see why the dude is wearing all the bling , why would u wanna cover up that eye catcher .. shyt man .. I'm gonna order me a pair off ebay right now.. and wear em to work tomrw .. i don;t think my engineers will mind ..
course they will have a new topic of the year and maybe the other one from 3 years ago when i burnt/melted a pot will be let go !!! hell i would much rather be known for hands on my tata's then a melted pot fire in the kitchen incident .. totally more appealing !! right ? just more random thoughts ... we all know where my mind has residence .. hell i am the Prez of Gutter Town ..

OK .. moving on to another random and innocent occasion today .. first .. Im not making ANY progress at work .. I am playing way 2 much ... I blame me for that .. tad bit distractable this week .. I better get back to my A: game ..
but I have plenty good reason

Randomness #2 - the little girl Alana (2 yr old local leukemia patient) she has made another miraculous turn in her fight for life ... God bless her and her family

Random-anomaly # C: welps ... i got distracted .. lets see if i can remember .. CURSE this amnesia or Alzheimer's i cant remember which i have

FLICK !!!! what was it >??? i had a random lost thoughtAHHH yes
whoo that was close

One of my engineers brought in a bag of Twix candybars and gave me one .. which immediately flooded my head with a beloved childhood memory .. which thanks to my work load i can not tell at the moment ..
but surely will reference back to this one so i can at later date

MUAH love u little flocker heads !!!
have a thumpin thursday !!!


PorkStar said...

well you got the answers you were looking for with all the playing, so now back to work hahaha....

Stacie's Madness said...

wonder if they make a matching bottom to the bikini top...

headbitingprincess said...


Trina said...

I love that her waistline on her pants/skirt whatever is almost to the hands on her top!