Wednesday, August 5, 2009

La di da di daaaaa

Oh my my my ... WHERE have you been HeadChomper ???
who me ??
well I was a tad bit busy.
I still have some blog world to catch up on but I promise I am making my rounds
I love you all dearly and miss reading it all..
So call me a slack hacker pants .. I know it .. I am.

Right then.. hunny bunny lover boy is currently on his 2 week tour of duty leave ..
Why do I have to have a job again ( limiting my time with him and our kids)
oh shoot , because if I didn't , we would most likely live in cardboard boxes designed with sidewalk chalk
and I couldn't be in love with reading your blogs !

Seriously .. things have been SO busy that I can not think straight ..
And I am again short on time so I have to flippin hurry the frick up with THIS post
Arrrg * my pirate grunt *

So lets me thinks about what funniness that has happened that I can share ......

Have I mentioned I adopted my boyfriends family .. OHhhh yes I have ..
I love them .. and it is funny when darling dear is sitting right next to me
and his father texts me and not him HA HA ha * insert giggles*
The funny irony to that is when we first met and he told me of his family,
I joked saying while he was deployed in Iraq I would indeed adopt them
since my family all live 800 miles away, despite the fact that I had never met
anyone from his family at the time of me saying that to him.

My Fed ex pick up dude came in this afternoon .. we always shoot the flim flam
he is a little bit older, I wanna say 50's but cool dude non the less.
He came in and says .. hey your co-worker Medusa just pulled up , we should lock the front door and not let her in
I crumbled in laughter to the mere fact that he said that !!! I mean .. I am used to the co workers and
I conspiring against her and putting dead spiders in her office chair or onions in her garbage can to brew over the weekend and smelly up her office for Monday morning !! but to have the Fed ex guy hop in was just peaked awesomeness !!

let the games begin !!!


PorkStar said...

hahahahaha, freaking awesome!, she's pretty famous everywheres... even here one of my co-workers know about her. I was talking to her about you and she was like.. " oh she's the one with the medusa co-worker right?".

Kristen said...

Um... does fed ex guy come with any other perks? Special benefits? If so...please send him my way.

headbitingprincess said...

LMAO - Kristen .. I love ya babes ..
sorry no extra perks from this Mr Fed Ex dude ... just some fun jester towards Medussa and our un-dying hate towards her

LMAO - Porkster - holy hell .. Medussa is making her rounds thru this planet !!! she is a wild rabid animal who should be accosted and put to sleep ..

Stacie's Madness said...

enjoy his leave...and by leave I mean...well you know what I mean.

i don't expect to see you bloggin again until he is gone.

I mean it...go. now. get. some.

headbitingprincess said...

LMAO Thank you Stacie <3 ya !!
ha ha i am SOOO enjoying his leave wink wink
Hunny if you read this .. we are just discussing in chic terms how much i love you O:) see my halo ?? HA ha

PorkStar said...

<---- expects full detailed report : )

LiLu said...

It's so great when you love the fam!

And so BAD when you don't. Glad you got lucky! :-)

JennyMac said...

Hope you are having a great time. And glad you like his family. It makes SUCH a difference.

Your fedex guy is fun. Ours is dull.

Trina said...

Spiders? That's just wrong. She must REALLY be a huge uber-bitch!

Organic Meatbag said...

In lieu of spiders, try crawdads next time... they are good for scaring people, and they cure rickets!!