Friday, March 27, 2009

its Frankly Friday !!!!

WELL GOOOOD Morning world !!!!

Frankly .. today is Friday .. and I am so close to losing my ever loving mind ... there is nothing better then waking up the last day of the work week a little itsy bitsy late so you have to rush like a headless hen !!

Even though the rain has slowed up my after work activities ( aka baseball practice for the kiddos) this week has not been slow for me .. I have misplaced my magic wand .. This weekend poses so much more for me to complete
Fixing taxes ( way to go me !!! who screws up filing taxes online !!!!!)
Dad is coming tomorrow into town to visit us !! with Uncle Bob woo hoo!! for a week ..
house cleansing is needed .. need to hire a crew !!!!
And with the rain and giant German Shepherd comes lots of muddy paws on my light tan rug .. and floors and mud on walls .. how on earth she gets mud on the walls is beyond me .. she musta taken lessons from Lexi Lu
this tan rug is being replaced by hardwood floors - i shall be shopping for those floors this weekend and installing asap.

Kids have opening day for baseball , shopping for food is needed and I am getting satellite installed this weekend buh bye gay cable !

Man i am hunnnngry like a hippo !! think i will go make some yum yum oatmeal after this coldplay song is over ..

SOOOOOO got us a funny one ... I know i had to write all the stoopid boring stuff first sorry

Darling Daughter has a tooth to put under her pillow for the tooth fairy Weds night ..
Weeellll her tired tooth fairy fell asleep soon as she was done putting the muchkins to bed
and woke up forgetting all about it .. well DD ( Darlin Daughter) sure didnt 4get

I was absolutely put on the stand and prosecuted !!!
Lulu: WHY didn't the tooth fairy come !?!!?
ME: I immediately respond wth : She couldn't make it to your pillow , your room was too a mess ( truth)
Lulu: immediately fires back - That's a lie .. she came last time and my room was a mess ..
Me: Quickly I fire right back , well i stopped her this time and told her to wait till ur room was clean ..
well let me tell you what .. those kid freakin geniuses are wicked quick and u cant get a doggone thing by them ...
in my defense i tried to illusionate her .. and as Collin Raye sang .. that's my story and i'm sticking to it !!!
soo comes Thursday night and we are going for second time on TFairy .. I told her this time i will keep under my pillow since she hasn't cleaned her room .. i was almost beheaded again as i woke her up .. WELL !??!!? Did the tooth fairy come yet Mom ??? *in my head i hear * SON OF A BISCUIT !!!!!!!! did i mention we were running a tadpole late .. as i make like a river and run for the wallet before she sees me !!! Good thing I have Ninja like skills .. waaapoosh !!!!

Frankly my dear .. its Friday and i just dont give a damn !!

WOO HOO hope yous guys have a wild weekend =)


PorkStar said...

lol she's going to be smarty pants like her momma

Stacie said...

ah yes, been there, had THAT conversation...damn tooth fairy, she is SOOO unreliable.

I almost told the kids (due to the not showing up) that the tooth fairy was ACTUALLY a man and not to be trusted.

GOD, that sounds bitter...


headbitingprincess said...

HAHAHAH now THAT is a good one ..