Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle its THURSDAY power !!!!

Righty'o .. so here i sit writing this and in my head its narrated in my British accent ..

Today maybe your TMI Turkey day .. have at it .. Ive got nothing .. may need some time to warm up to that since .. well anyways right then moving on !!

Busy day from Hades ! Im going to be someones snack if i dont get a move on ..
it is not that im not working .. I AM .. and shocker # 2 .. we only had 2 engineers here today ... so that means ... not as many people to interrupt me and need me .. but for some reason there is still SOO much to do .. and as noted in Twit my tweet Its 4 pm ish and i just got me some lunch.. soooo right ... back to busy .. snap back to reality , whoomp theres no gravity , whoomp she's so mad that she , pooomp bust a cavity

lata yooo ; )

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