Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Waldo !!! Where are you !?!? Come out come out wherever you are...

Wellllll Hello there my adorable cute bling blang bloggers ..
So I have been recently crucified for lack of bloggering
Thank you Porky . . . that was some funny shyt.. for realz yo !!

I look at my life and I see a lot of laughs in it ..
*microphone feedback* I would like to thank my munchkins and family whom I laugh at daily.. I laugh at myself for the idiotic things I do thinking they are well thought out ideas (yea not so much)
and most recently added to the Quirky Whacky Jacky bunch is my mofo of hotness BF.. JB
(he uses those Army abbrev's on me all the time which most times I am soo not following what he says FOB to the PPP to the SEC say whaaa ??? so I will us my texting abbrevs ~ so HA !!!)

please note Lulu has NOT cleaned yet .. in fact the tornado zone has now spread to the hall way and the toy room
well all I can say is .. my darlin dears Lulu and lil man will be leaving in 10 days to visit their father in PA
when they come back from their summer visit ... they are gonna be in for an awakening (not so much my lil man he keeps his room clean) but the house is being DE-cluttered from top to bottom - and best news YET !!! I've recruited PORKSTAR to help me - - WAHOOO - Can not wait to see ya buddy boy !!!
Porky and I will not spend our entire week together cleaning .. We are gonna go catch a show of some dude named ... uhh
ommm .. Dabney Coley ? no no .. umm Dick Cock ?? no no no .. DANE COOK !!!
yes!! the one !!! the only: DC : is coming to SC and so is SG !!(aka Porkstar)!

Poor Porky - Yesterday he was headless ..

I had not heard from hunny bunny luver boy who happens to be in the throws of hella - aka IRAQ
which threw me thru a loop and made me insta-head slicing and dicing beeeeotch ..
I was chopping heads like a sous chef:: waaasshaa woooshaaa chop chop chop slice slice
Porkster being my bestie .. always get the sharpest end of the sword first .. bless his throat .. I dunno why he still luvs me
turns out my sunshine was out on a mission ..
* note to joshy baby, do NOT leave me hanging like that again* mmkay! great! thanks !

Soo today I have received my adorably tine cute new itsy bitsy little laptop - its PINK !!!

I have broken and caved in to finally purchase one .. at home I have a self made desktop from ohhh 7 or 8 years ago .. and it freezes up like there is no honey in the middle of the ocean.... since sunshine luver boy is over fighting for our freedom , and I being the busy queen I am with 2 kids and sports and house things to do always .. laptop totally the answer!!! talk to him as i do laundry or cook dinner .
yay for modern technology .. which as Porky will tell you and he pokes fun calling me Amish . . I tend to be years behind on this techno shyt .. Porkstar has totally introduced me to many a things .. and he has set up accounts for most of them lol
but the most hysterical ironic completely innocent part to all of that is this little funny story
My father came from PA to visit me last week - we are from a northeastern part of PA .. at least a good hour from Lancaster aka Amish Country
he has a gift for me .. it is a keychain .. on one side it has a pic of a horse and buggy and says Amish Country
the other has my name ( which is spelled with only one L in Michele) .. when he gave it to me all i saw was Amish country ..
the kicker is not 2 days before had Mister PorknBeanz freakin cracked at me calling me Amish bcz i am behind in the new wave age thingy... so i immediately think its a conspiracy !!! (schizo's tend to think as such)
and i respond .. REALLY ?? DAD ??
( still thinking its a joke on me) then i flip it over & see the name ..
and we laugh as i tell him the story behind my initial hesitation of acceptance ...
growing up the only way I could have something with my name spelled correctly on it was if i WROTE it on there myself - one time when i was 5 Mom made me a dress that had my name on the front :D too bad i was a mega tomboy and hated wearing dresses (sorry mom)

righty o I thinks I have spilled enuff blah on this page for the moment ..


PorkStar said...

waaasshaa woooshaaa chop chop chop slice slice

hahahahahahahaha yep, totally sounds like you...

You must have been conceived in Amish country... or in a buggy at least. Lord have mercy

PorkStar said...

The laptop is nice and all....... too girly though... very... Bepto color... lol

Mich said...

you are going to LOVE Dane Cook! I think i even peed a little at the "buttery popcorn" joke.

you will have to let me know what you though after the show!

headbitingprincess said...

WOO HOO Mich !!! I can not wait ... i have not heard this skit yet (Isolated Incident)- I was grounded from TV ( per Dad for life since i was like 4)
so shhhh no spoiling for me .. I have seen all his others like (Vicious Circle etc ) and i love his comedic timing .. he reminds me so much of my brothers who are natural jokers as well!!!
cant wait to talk wth u about it !!

note to self - wear a mini pad for slight laughter induced pee

Stacie's Madness said...

I'D love to see Dick. Er, I mean Dane Cook.

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