Monday, June 29, 2009

Tasers tasers everywhere I go ... and in this corner we have blue lightning

OOOOOOOKKKK then my little blogger bugs...

I have OH so much to catch you up on ..
let us start with the Transformers #2 movie .. was kick asz .. and yea .. there are some taser-ings in this awesome action packed laugh out loudly movie !!!

And it tickled me till I was polka dotted blue that it was in the movie just a day after I blogged that Taser story ...

-long throat clearing - taps orchestra conductors stick thingy -

Thursday rolls around

Porkster and I go to see DANE COOK .. Yes madams and sirs you heard me correctly, Mister Dane Cook .. he is absolutely for years been my all time favorite comedian
The show kicked mega asz - funny and just awesomeness (pics to come later), but the topic that I fell out of my seat on ??

why yes !?!!? TASERS !!!!!

It seems the world is now on a taser gun kick .. which hey more power to ya people if you are looking for the head biter , she will be locked in her house until you are all over that phase !!!! or maybe i could wrap up in like bubble tape ? or Charmin ?? to deflect any tasing attempts.

If PorkStar was still here you can cow chasing , dog tail waggin bet that mofo would tase me till i twitched and drooled .. in fact I heard him thinking how awesome it would be to do it to try to wake me up, record it and youtube it.

Thank the blessed baby Jebodiha he is in NY/NJ now and I am safe.

...and darling dear
JB (AKA Boyfriend) dont get any ideas either, I will sooo freaking kung fu & jujitsu ur spaghetti stringed body into next week, mmmkay ...

YAY for only being one month away from his little mid tour R&R .. miss ya sunshine


PorkStar said...

hahaha... uhm, well, JB suggested me to poke you with a 10 FT pole in order to wake you up and for me to avoid getting hurt by the demon that posses you while you are at sleep. Poor boyfriend of yours, dude lol...

Maybe I could have gotten one of them tasers to wake your ass up and leave you twitching there.

Sounds like fun to me : )

LiLu said...

I saw Dane last summer, and it was probably one of the funniest hours of my LIFE.

Stacie's Madness said...

love dane cook, so jealous you guys saw him!